Former Prime Minister of India

 The Art of Living

The visual always fascinated me. As I grew up, I slowly realized that we not only see through our eyes, but also from the heart. Feeling is living. Beauty is Understanding.
I was overwhelmed by the harmony of creation. My youth was one rapturous communion with nature.
The ecstasy is gone but fragments of its memory, still, at times, shimmer, to give a sudden insight. My paintings are such fragments. Yes, they are fragments because my life is so.
- V.P. Singh

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 Great son of India passed away

Mr. VP Singh passed away

Former Prime Minister Vishwanath Pratap Singh, a pivotal figure in the Indian politics, passed away at the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital on Thursday. India has lost a great patriot and builder of the nation. He was 77.


Shri V. P. Singh

 From Manda to Parliament

It is a long journey from being a scion of the landed aristocracy positioning itself to increase its holdings, to a politician of the party in power, and finally to becoming a citizen of a republic with the ideal of social justice enshrined in its constitution. That Vishwanath Pratap Singh has succeeded in undertaking this journey is to his credit. And it was his activism, his writing and his art that have shielded him in the past as they will in the future too. His tryst with the future is no longer in doubt. It is there for anyone to see and share.

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